Winning The Lottery Multiple Times Is Very Possible

Sometimes it pays to play the same number multiple times. One of the strategies that you may find is recommended to work with when it comes to the lottery is to use multiple numbers over the same time often. This may sound odd, but it’s truly one of the best ways to get moving forward.

Not sure about that?

Take into consideration what occurred with a Carpenter out of Massachusetts. Robert Lundstedt plays the lotto often, and he was compelled to buy 9 tickets with the numbers, 1-7-11-26-30, and that’s it. He took on the numbers and it turns out, that they were the right ones to go with. So much so that he ended up winning, 9 times over!

That’s right, for his attempt to play, with the strategy of buying 9 tickets, he was able to garner a $900K payout! When asked what he did to garner such success, he just said he was compelled to keep playing, and this time to buy more than one ticket with the same numbers. So he bought tickets, used the same numbers he always used, only he bought 9 tickets with the same, and well, each ticket was worth $100K, so he got $900K total. Not bad for such a simple strategy.

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