2 Reasons You May Not Win
2 Reasons You May Not Win

2 Major Reasons Why You Are Not Winning The Lotto

2 Reasons You May Not Win
2 Reasons You May Not Win

People complain that they never win the lotto, and yet they are playing all the time. Well, there are a few reasons why you may not be seeing any sort of influence, and sometimes it’s simple. The following simple reasons will shine light on why most people don’t win, and what you can do to start getting better odds overall. It all starts with understanding that you can’t win every single time, but it is possible to win.

You Play Sporadically

If you are not dedicating a lot of time to playing lotteries, you are behind. If you just play here and there, you are not going to win, most often. Yes, there are rare times that people don’t play and yet win big, but there are also people that get hit by lightning. Don’t play here and there, focus on playing often, and stick with it. Sometimes it takes months, and sometimes it takes years to see a big win. If you just keep at it, you will win.

You Aren’t Using Any Strategy

Whenever you’re playing any game, no matter what it is, you need strategy. The world’s greatest gamblers know this, and lotto winners know that as well. If you want to win big, you will need to subscribe to a winning strategy to focus on the right pieces of the game. That’s why The Lotto Professor strategy was created, to help you win, and win often.

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  1. I’ve been playing 20 combinations for the past 15 years. These numbers originated from the NY Lottery !! On October 2006 One of my combinations came out and I hit it with 5 numbers !!! I was among the 26 winners who won $1452.00!!! It’s not over yet !!! These combinations are now coming out in the Mega & the Powerball !!! Your right !!! It’s a wheeling system they are following !!! My chances of winning is 99% !!! I need that 1% to take my over the top !!!

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