23 Year Old Man Wins $100K On A Scratcher

One of the tips that has been stated time and time again on this blog is to play scratchers that are not cheap. Do not go in to the $1 solutions, instead, go for something a bit pricier. That may sound like you will not get as much fun, but that’s ok. The odds are going to increase that you’ll win something. Of course, not every win is going to be a six figure one, but wouldn’t it be nice to win more often?

Well, that’s the strategy that Zach Salmen took on when he played scratchers in Michigan. The latest game he played was a crossword themed solution that garnered him a cool $100K jackpot. His investment, a simple $3. He simply bought a game that he had been playing time and again, and this time it paid off big time.

The scratcher in question is only $3, but it’s more than the bottom line scratchers that are priced at $1. The $1 solutions aren’t going to give you the best odds. You’ll be better served by paying a little more, even if it’s only $3 as Zach found out. This 23-year-old is now $100K richer, and it was just a matter of buying the pricier tickets.

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