A Prank Turns Into Jackpot Glory

A couple from The UK didn’t really think they had won the lotto when they saw three matching icons on a scratcher. Lee Davies is constantly pranking his girlfriend, and tell him that they’ve won the lotto when they haven’t. But today, that all changed. He was playing the UK scratcher lottery after giving up on playing beforehand, and restarting.

That restart was the great thing for Davies, as he was able to pull a jackpot of six figures, 100K! He was overjoyed and told his now fiancée, and she didn’t believe him. Well, after some information gathering and speaking to the lotto company, it was true, he had won the jackpot, and they were 100K richer.

What’s the secret here? Don’t give up. Davies may have won on a scratcher, but he had previously given up because he wasn’t winning nearly as often as he’d like. Sometimes, it takes time to win, and sometimes a prank can turn into reality if you just keep playing the lotto, even if you’re not winning big on day one. Sometimes it takes day 100 or even 1,000 to win.

As the old adage may say, you can’t win if you don’t play, and honestly, Mr. Davies will tell you that right now.

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