College Student Pulls a Serious Jackpot Playing Scratcher Lotto Games

News coming out of Indiana is that a college student was able to pull a $500,000 jackpot by simply playing lotto scratchers. How did they manage to get things working so well? Did they do anything special? The truth of the matter is that they managed to work with a few ideas that they found on this blog. Of course, they did not name it when interviewed for local news. Instead, they credited a few simple tips, and recommended that all college students should focus on pulling the same results by looking at a few lotto strategy tips.

The college student, that didn’t want to be identified said that they first befriended their local lotto retailer. They would go to a liquor store daily, and just was nice. Over time, they asked the clerk what games were new, and which ones were best sellers. She decided to play only new games, and only on days that they came in. The games played were those that were more than $5 in denomination. The $10 games paid the most, she said, and while she didn’t win anything big many times, she claims to have won 70% of the time.

With this big win, off of a $10 ticket, she is now six figures richer, and has committed to paying off her student loans when she gets out of college, and perhaps buying a new car. Other than that, she claims that she will still play the lotto, using the same strategy, since it works, why stop there.

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