Couple Wins $7 Million Jackpot By Playing Together And A Lotto Secret

A couple out of Michigan is $7 million dollars richer today, after they were able to get a huge prize from the lotto. The couple that has been married for 22 years, played the lotto every week, and did a few things to keep themselves in the game, without breaking the bank, and are now recommending others to jump on board as well. Their secret? Well, it’s a simple strategy that anyone can follow.

The couple stated that the besides keeping themselves playing often, they focused on simply pushing forward with a budget. They set a budget of $20 a week on tickets, and they had picked numbers that they researched. They spent some time looking at the numbers, and picked a set that worked for them, and stuck to their guns.

Over time, they won a few times, but nothing as big as what they have won this time, and they are thankful for their strategy. They claim anyone could do it, as long as you stick to a budget, and just keep playing. After 10 years of consistent playing, small wins here and there, they finally struck gold. They have no plans on quitting their jobs, and say that they will invest their money in retirement, and just enjoy it when they are older.

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