Couple High Five

Couple Wins $7 Million Jackpot By Teaming Up

Couple High FiveA New York City couple decided to pool their resources together and start playing the lottery as a couple. The couple set a budget, and decided to buy tickets together as a part of their normal routine. Well, that coupling has paid off, to the tune of a $7.7 million-dollar jackpot. The couple won a big jackpot after purchasing a lottery ticket from a gas station in their home town.

The couple is soon to be engaged, and when media caught up with them, they were all smiles. They had been playing the lotto a short time, using numbers that each of them came up with, and then pooling their resources to purchase tickets often. That dedication had paid off when they hit a jackpot taking home $7.7 million dollars.

The winning numbers that were able to get pulled in this instance were 7, 17, 30, 34, 47, 58, and a bonus number of 25. These may be the numbers of your next big score, as it’s not uncommon for repetition to occur in the lottery system across state lines. This couple illustrates a simple tip that you should take to heart, and it’s to play the lotto with your family, or even spouse, as you may be able to get a bigger chance of winning, that’s for sure.

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