Do Not Let The Lotto Win

It is unfortunate to read the news about the lottery in many areas over the past few months. With all of the flood of winners, you expect to see great things often, but honestly, things aren’t going so well for many people. While there are some people that have gone on to make millions, there are some people that don’t get much in the way of financial support.

Why are people not getting their fair due?

Because the lotto companies are winning. They are winning because people are not following a simple tip. The simple tip is just checking your winning lotto ticket. In 2017, in the United States alone, over a billion dollars in uncollected winnings go unclaimed and the time to collect has expired. That money is getting thrown into the lotto’s vaults and that’s about it.

Do not let the lotto win. The lottery will gladly save the winnings for themselves. Do not become one of those people that leaves billions on the table, because if you figure that you lost after the fact, you are going to be left out cold. There is a time limit on collecting your winnings, and it’s seriously unfortunate. Don’t let money slip away. Check your tickets, always double check, because you could very well garner success in due time.

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