How Long Before You Win The Jackpot?

People ask this question all the time, and there’s really no “one” way to answer it. That doesn’t mean that there are no answers, but it’s important to stay realistic when you’re trying to get to the top of the lotto jackpots. To get yourself a better shot at winning, you are going to need to play the lotto with a strategy. But beyond that, if you’re curious as to how long it takes, well, there’s a few notes that you need to understand.

The first thing is simple, you may not win the biggest of jackpots at first glance. In fact, you could end up losing for a while. However, as you inch closer to winning, you’ll see that your numbers will start getting closer to the winning options. Long time players don’t worry about the losses because they will eventually get the upper hand. For instance, there were recently some players that spent 30 years playing the lotto on a daily basis. They didn’t win anything big at first, then out of the blue, they ended up with a huge jump.

After 30 years, a couple from the UK were able to pull a 128 million jackpot, simply by playing the same numbers over and over again, and doing so for 30 years straight. In the span of chasing that one hundred million jackpot, they won a few smaller jackpots, including one that garnered them 50,000. That’s not half bad. Look, you cant win every time, but you can definitely win smaller options from time to time, so why not chase it?

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