Lack of Coffee Reminds Canadian Resident To Buy Lotto Ticket

A couple of weeks ago Canadian resident Raymond Shove was on his way home from work when he stopped into a gas station to get a cup of coffee and a lotto ticket. The gas station wouldn’t make him a cup of coffee, so he left, without buying his ticket.

He then went to another station and finally got his cup of coffee and a lotto ticket that he would play each week. He plays the $20 tickets for instant winning. The game he played was “$5 Million Fortune Instant Game”. The tickets are $20 each, and most people ignore them because of the high cost.

But here’s the thing. The higher the ticket cost, the more money can be made because the odds are well in the favor of the player compared to other games. That’s just one tip that many strategies have given people. If your goal is to win the lotto, then you will no doubt want to chase the glory of winning through constant playing.

Now, in regard to this Canadian resident, not getting his cup of coffee from one store, garnered him a big win. He went to the next station and purchased his $20 ticket only to garner a $5 Million-dollar scratch off win. That’s $20 down, a cup of coffee, and a $5 million-dollar jackpot!

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