Lucky Lottery Retailers Exist


When it comes to finding a better chance of winning the lottery, you need to have a strategy. One of the strategies that you may want to subscribe to is simple, look for a lottery retailer that is lucky. This may sound odd, but you’ll find that investigative reporters are on the case, and are updating their outlets often. For instance, a report out of Arizona looked at the luckiest lottery retailers in the state, and the findings were published on a Tucson based news outlet.

The news looked into where people were buying the tickets and where the winning tickets were sold. In the case of recent Arizona investigations, 3 major outlets were found to be lucky. A smoke shop, a liquor store, and a gas station were the 3 major retailers. These retailers were responsible for over $2.5 million dollars in lotto victories. That’s something that most people don’t really think about, but if you really consider where you’re buying your tickets, you may find that there are some locations that are better than others.

Is the findings in Arizona the same across all states?

That’s the question that people will no doubt want to ask, and the answer is simple, yes. There are reports that you can look up to see where people are buying tickets. You can also ask your local lottery retailer which scratchers and lottery games are most popular and which are not. That will give you insight into the business of the lotto, and could very well give you a fighting chance to win a big jackpot today.

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