Sometimes People Get Lucky
Sometimes People Get Lucky

Lucky Woman Wins $1 Million On Game She Does Not Like

Sometimes People Get Lucky
Sometimes People Get Lucky

Amidst all the news that gets published, there are some lucky winners. Today, we are going to highlight the notion of luck. Nancy Scott from Virginia was given a big win. She was given a $1-million-dollar prize when she was able to scratch a game piece and win big. Here’s the thing, it was for a game that she didn’t like, and never played before.

Talk about pure luck!

Scott plays the lottery on and off, but only picks games that she likes, and appeal to her. This time around, she just picked at random, and that may have played into the fact of her win. Sometimes, strategy gets thrown out the window and lucky comes into play. In the case of Ms. Scott, luck trumps her notion of picking games that she likes. She’ll be receiving $537,393 after taxes, and has fallen on quite the windfall.

If there’s a lesson to learn here, it’s simple, you have to play. If you don’t play any lotteries, you will never win. Whether you use strategy or not, you can’t win if you’re never playing at all. Ms. Scott would have never won if she didn’t pick a ticket on a whim, and scratch. It’s that simple, sometimes.

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  1. She played a game she didn’t like. Ha Ha. I think it’s safe to say that she likes the game now. Especially after winning a cool $1,000,000. Great job, Nancy!

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