Fear Prompts Lotto Win

Man Claims Fright Triggered Big Win

Fear Prompts Lotto Win

A Leland, North Carolina resident hit a huge jackpot after he noticed that the hair on the back of his neck was standing straight up. Usually the sign that one is scared, or alarmed, this is not something that most people take seriously. Well, not this man. He took this as a sign that it was his lucky day. So instead of taking this in stride, he went and picked up a lottery ticket.

This little sign proved to be good luck because Patrick Davenport pulled out a six figure win on the basis of this omen. After feeling that rush of luck, he looked at his arms and confirmed that the hair was standing up, so it was time to play the game. While this is highly unlikely to be a lucky break, it is interesting to note.

Perhaps there is something to it, and the next time you feel a rush of fright, cold, or something that is not usual, it’s time to play the lotto. Heck, it worked for this man, as he is now $100K richer as a result of paying attention to little things. Here’s the thing, Mr. Davenport has won smaller prizes in the past, all based on this simple omen, only this time it has paid off in six figures.

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