Man Plays Lotto For 10 Years Straight To Win $17 Million Dollar Jackpot

A New York City man made news this past year when he finally pulled a jackpot from the lottery. He was visiting friends in another state when he pulled a huge Powerball jackpot, and when asked how he did it, he simply said that he did it by playing the same numbers for 10 years. He has been playing the lotto and more recently the Powerball for some time, and he just played the same set of numbers he always played, and it finally happened.

A $17 million dollar jackpot doesn’t sound like a lot compared to the hundreds of millions that some have won, but for this man, it’s enough to retire on. He has since quit his job, and has purchased a small ranch, and will be looking at living a quiet life instead of worrying about the big city issues that plagued him in the past.

When asked if others could do what he did, he simply stated that anyone could play the lotto. But in order to win, you have to stay committed to playing, and stick to your numbers, they’ll eventually hit.

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