More Money Does Not Mean More Wins

It happens all the time. People spend a lot of money on playing the lotto for one big day, and they don’t win. This happens especially in terms of playing for big jackpots. Turn on the news whenever you see a mega jackpot and you’re going to see a lot of people chasing the big one. Let’s say you were to try that, and you spent 1,000 dollars on lottery tickets. You are poised to win the big one right?


You see, when you spend more money on tickets, and you are not playing the numbers you’ve always played, you will not win. You cannot buy 100 tickets with the same numbers each time, that doesn’t help you. You can, however, buy 100 or even 1000 tickets with random numbers generated. Even if you were to purchase all 100,000 or so available tickets, and you had a number randomly generated for you, you wouldn’t increase the odds.

Why not?

The reason is because there are more than one random number generators at play. There is one giving quick picks and several others pulling numbers for the lottery drawing. Your odds are not going to get better by throwing money at the lotto, it’s just not going to work. You’re better off figuring out a number set and putting that 1,000 tickets to a consecutive gaming solution, over time.

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