Coworkers Win

Playing With Your Coworkers Could Pay Off

Coworkers WinOne way to ensure that you’re getting a better shot at winning the lotto is to play with friends or even coworkers. There are a lot of lottery pools that have pulled off big victories in the lotto past and present. This fact has been proven time and time again, including a recent win by a couple of coworkers in Minnesota. Brian Aase and Rich Reyant play scratch lotto tickets together, and this past week they were doing the normal thing they always do, getting breakfast and playing scratchers. The two went in on some tickets, and boom, they hit a six figure pay out.

These coworkers rejoiced as they were able to get $100,000 in total winnings.

The two claimed the prize, after their first ticket did not garner any victory. The goal was just to get a lunch tab paid, but after playing a couple of tickets, the two are now splitting a six figure pay out that is no doubt going to be well worth the price of their routine.

This feel good story represents an easy idea for you to curve the odds into your favor. Find a friend or family member and join forces, play the lotto together and you could very well be the next six figure winner, that’s for certain.

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