Powerball Winner Claims Giant Award

If you were playing the lotto during this past couple of weeks, then you know that there was a huge jackpot on the line. It was getting really big, and since no winner was coming through, it’s interesting to see how it has all turned out. You are going to find that the big winner has been announced and they have already quit their job.

Mavis L. Wanczyk worked at a hospital for 32 years, and played the lotto. She’s been using the same numbers for years, and continued to play. Well, it finally paid off because it was announced today that she is the winner of the big payout from the lotto.

How big was her victory? She pulled $336 million after taxes. You did not read that wrong. She is richer than ever, and she is no longer going to work at the hospital.

This winner has made history. This is the single largest victory off of a single lotto ticket in the United States. This has truly been one of the biggest lotto drawings up to this point, which is why this is an incredible win, and story.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that no matter how long you play, you may eventually win. When you do, perhaps the big award will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Keep playing, and use the same numbers, that’s how you’ll leverage a win, eventually.

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