Reasons To Chase Second or Third Place In The Lotto

It is going to sound counterproductive, but you don’t always need to get the big jackpots to win the lottery. That’s right, you don’t need to win the lotto’s top jackpots to win a prize. Some prizes are somewhat smaller, and just because it’s smaller, doesn’t mean that you are going to get chump change.

In fact, with the Powerball payouts starting to come through, you’ll find that second and third place in those games garnered people as little as $10,000. Wouldn’t you want a nice $10,000 prize?

The first reason why you should chase second and third place in the lotto is because you can win again. Just because you win $10,000 by coming in third place with any drawing, doesn’t mean that you can’t win again. There are some individuals that have taken a strategy and won three or four times a year. That’s upwards of $40,000 plus dollars in jackpots a year! Sure, it’s not a million, but would you want to get $40K in winnings?

Another reason why you shouldn’t put hide away from second or third place is because it’s easier to garner than the big jackpots. Some lotto players focus their strategies to pull the right numbers within a set of rules that the lotto places. For instance, in “pick 5” games, if you can win by just selecting 3 numbers, wouldn’t you aim for those 3? It’s just something that you can narrow down for better odds.

Chasing a secondary or third place prize can help you get better odds with the lotto, guaranteed. Once you understand a good strategy, and apply it to your venture into playing and winning the lottery, you will find you will gain the upper hand throughout your years playing.

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