San Jose Man Wins Lottery
Even At 86, You Can Win

San Jose Grandpa Hits 1.2 Million Dollar Jackpot At Age 86

San Jose Man Wins Lottery
Even At 86, You Can Win

You know, people give up playing the lottery a lot. It happens. You play for a while, you lose a lot, you get mad and you stop. For those that quit, there is only one major guarantee that the lottery gives you.

You will never win the jackpot.

Before you throw stones, consider the story of Daniel Mendez. Daniel Mendez is a resident of San Jose, and he is 86 years old. He has been playing the lottery for some time, and you know, he never won before. He just enjoyed the daily routine that his home offered. But there is one thing he never did, he never stopped playing the lotto.

Living in the San Jose community since 1963, he has been playing lottery tickets for some time. Mendez has a routine that includes watering and taking care of flowers at Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church in San Jose. Part of his routine includes going over to a local pharmacy and picking up a few lottery tickets.

“I don’t pray for money, I just have fun with the lotto”, Mendez stated to news media.

Here’s the thing. Routine pays off when playing the lottery, and sometimes the jackpot comes when you least expect it.

Mendez took off on his regular routine recently, and was shocked by what he found. He had hit the jackpot! On a random day, when the media wasn’t talking about big jackpots, he picked up a cool $1.2-million-dollar jackpot!

That’s right, his efforts paid off, and while he could’ve been set up for life, he decided to take out the lump sum and walk away.  After taxes paid on the money, Mendez will be able to take care of his grandchildren for years to come, with a lump sum of 700K.

If you remember nothing else, remember that if you don’t play, you can never win. Mendez hit the big one at age 86, which is definitely better than never winning at all.

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