Siblings Once Again Prove That Teaming Up Helps Win Jackpots

Two or more are better than one when it comes to playing the lotto. That includes scratchers. The notion has been proven yet again. Two brothers out of Maryland were able to pool their money together, and garner a six figure pay out. What’s their secret?

The two have been playing the lotto for years, setting a budget and pooling their funding weekly. They were able to garner a great deal of success, but nothing like what had happened this past week. This past week, they did the same thing they always do, they purchased tickets, and they went to scratch them.

This time around, they didn’t just win small prizes, that they were used to winning, they were able to garner six figures! They pulled $100,000 from a scratcher! The duo were delighted, they were surprised that they were finally able to pull something of a large windfall. With that in mind, they each will split the money, garnering $50,000 each, and all because they pooled their money together and played scratchers with a strategy in mind.

Beyond this big score, it’s important to note a tip that we’ve been covering from the past.

This is in regards to the scratcher. The scratcher that yielded such a prize was a $10 Lady Luck Game scratcher. That’s a higher cost ticket, which is one of the main things you should be pushing. Buying higher priced tickets, will garner success, and when you hit a big prize, it will be six figures. But to get better odds, do what this duo did, team up. Find a friend, or a sibling, and pool some money together, you’ll end up with something grand.

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