Stealing Tickets Will Not Help You Win The Lotto

People sometimes have outlandish plans to win the lottery. One such person out of Santa Rosa, California recently made news by chasing the lotto in a “sure fire” way. They decided to chase the lotto by going into a store and asking for cigarettes. They asked for cigarettes and while the clerk was working on getting the items, this individual grabbed a roll of scratchers and ran for it.

He escaped.

The lotto company cannot seem to isolate the person at present because they have been cashing in the stolen tickets around town. But even though they managed to steal a roll of tickets, they have only won $500, which isn’t exactly a big score.

Honestly, stealing tickets will not help you win the lotto, it just won’t. It just won’t help, and your best bet is to look into options that are based on strategy. A good strategy will always help you win multiple times, and it shows often. Take your chances with a good lottery strategy and see what happens after the fact, you won’t regret it.

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