Texas Native Wins 4.7 Million Lotto Scratch Off With Simple Strategy

There have been a lot of strategies that we have highlighted on this website, and some people think that we are making things up, but we are not. You see, there are some people that have taken the idea of strategy to heart and they have pulled out some serious victories. Like this one, coming out of Texas today, of a woman that was playing a scratch-off game, as usual, and was able to pull off a $4.7 million dollar jackpot!

That’s correct, this person took the idea of strategy to mind and ran with it. They were able to win because they played the lotto games that cost more than $1.  The person wants to remain anonymous, but they played at the same Pik and Pak Food Mart in San Antonio on a regular basis. They became friends with the clerk, and just asked which games are new, which ones were selling, and which ones no one bought. This person would play the $50 scratch games, and just those games, weekly. They would win small jackpots, and nothing too crazy, until yesterday, when they pulled off a huge victory, garner 4.7 million in prize money!

There you have it, once again, play games that cost more than $1 and you are going to see a spike in your victories. That’s one strategy that works with lotto scratchers, that’s for certain.

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