thai monk wins lottery
Thai Monk Wins Jackpot

Thai Monk Wins 6 Million Jackpot Playing The Lottery

thai monk wins lottery
Thai Monk Wins Jackpot

When you think of monks, you don’t immediately think the richest people in the world. In fact, ask anyone, and there are two major things that they will reply with when you ask about monks. They will most likely talk about religious ceremony or kung fu fighting. But winning the lottery? No one ever thinks of monks and the lottery, but today, you will absolutely be floored by the fact that a 41-year-old monk from Bangkok has hit a serious jackpot.

Phra Prawit Techapalo, of Cheepakhao Temple in Samut Sakhon is one of the many people that buys a lottery ticket each month. He told local news outlets in Thailand that he buys several lottery tickets every single month. Up until now, however, his hobby didn’t really mean a whole lot. He didn’t win, he just kept playing.

His commitment to buying tickets has finally paid off, as he finally hit the jackpot. Phra Prawit has only been a monk for 10 years, and perhaps that helped him get the winning numbers. When interviewed, Prawit said that he figured out the lucky numbers for touching the bark of a teak tree that was at his temple. He has been studying the numbers based on the tree, and after buying 5 tickets, was told that he was in fact the winner of the lottery jackpot.

His prize will be THB6 MILLION! Not bad for a monk.

What does a monk do with all this money? Well, if you guessed giving back, you’d be right. Phra Prawit has stated that he will buy a home for his mom, pay for his child’s school, and use some of the money to hold a funeral for the head of his temple’s monks.

How much is THB6 million? In United States dollars, that’s $172,714.08.

This is not the first time a monk has won big with the lottery.

In 2013, two different Pattaya Monks won jackpots. One monk won 44 million! Pattaya One Channel reported on that story below:

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