The Easiest Winning Lottery Tip Ever Put Online

There are countless of tips floating around online. We publish tips all the time, and we publish feel good stories, but there are some tips that are so simple, they sometimes get overlooked. Even though they are overlooked, doesn’t mean that they aren’t valid. That’s exactly what we have to consider in today’s post, as it is the easiest winning lottery tip ever put online.

You may disagree, but after finding out about a Virginia man, and how he nearly lost out on a $4 million jackpot, it’s time to get to the basic of basic rules.

What could the easiest tip be?

Well, here you go, get ready.


You may think that this is absurd. You may think that this is a trick. But it is not. It is one of the biggest things that you need to consider. It’s something that you cannot leave without taking into your thoughts. But before you complain, consider the story of Eric Lopez.

Mr. Lopez had purchased a winning lottery ticket, he was set to win $4 million in a jackpot in April. But guess what? He couldn’t find his ticket! He knew he won, he was set to get a big payout, but since he didn’t know where his ticket was, he couldn’t show proof at all. So, he scrambled, and searched high and low, until he found it, months later.

Today, he cashed it in.

He had finally received his giant check, and it’s all because he found his ticket. So the easiest ticket for this, and something that you should not forget is simple, don’t lose your ticket.

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