The Fortune Cookie Wins Again

We have discussed many different strategies to win the lotto, and we keep saying that you are better off with any strategy, then to work with just luck. Some people have taken our advice to heart, and others have tested the waters with lesser known solutions. But one thing is for sure, people are finding that it’s better to have a steady stream of numbers, and work with that stream continuously than to try to come up with new numbers each and every time.

To that effect, you’ll want to look at how one woman was able to garner a huge jackpot using a tip that we gave a while ago.

That tip to win the lottery?

Use the fortune cookie!

That’s right. When you eat Chinese food and you receive a fortune cookie, you will get a set of numbers that will have better odds than playing randomized numbers. This may sound insane, but the goal is simple, play those numbers until you win, because they are based on a “random number generator” not just a “quick pick” which uses a different program to pick numbers!

The woman used the numbers to play the Virginia Lotto Cash 5 game, and just kept playing until she won. That’s right, the numbers that were printed on a fortune cookie paper were her lucky numbers.

Could you do the same?

Of course!

The goal is to look into numbers that you will play over and over again, rather than going with quick picks, which is a far better solution than no strategy at all.

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