The Lotto Info You Cannot Miss

There are a lot of ways to get insider information about the lottery, but not everything comes from the lotto companies themselves. But if you are a fan of scratchers, you need to pay attention to this tip. It has been stated before, but the amount of people that do not know about this is astonishing.

With that in mind, consider this as one of the most important tips that you are going to want to check out. It’s simple.

Visit the state lottery page for your particular region. Once you are there, sign up for a free account. Next, look at the scratcher games and prizes that are available. You will find that on the official state website for your lotto, there will be a lot of information give to you for free.

The information you want to look for is that of the prizes left over. If you see that a game has a lot of prizes left, set your sights on playing that game. If you see that a game doesn’t have a lot of prizes left, stay away from that game.

With this simple information you can visit a retailer and know just by looking at game titles, which ones have prizes and which ones don’t. This is FREE information that you can garner to get better odds.

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