The Lotto Turns Into The Grinch On Christmas

On this blog, we have discussed a lot of different elements that happen within the lotto. One of the things that we have discussed in concern with the lotto is that there are glitches. These can be exploited without recourse, and some will not help you get a victory. It’s an interesting element to consider, and it’s important to understand how to understand the difference overall. This may sound convoluted, but let’s consider a little thing that happened on Christmas this year.

News out of South Carolina is that people playing the lotto caught a glitch in which several players won! That’s right, the glitch allowed several hundred-people winning the top $500 prize. Sure, it’s not that big, but it’s a glitch that is well worth looking into.

At first, the lotto said that all the tickets were void. They did not win, despite many winners coming forward.

But afterwards, they changed their mind, and have set aside $19.6 million dollars to pay off every winner of the lotto from the Christmas drawing. So everyone that won, gets paid, and the Grinch seems to have grown a heart much larger, thanks to the Christmas spirit. Sometimes glitches are your friend, and you can’t win, if you don’t play, so keep that in mind.

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