Winning The Lotto Secondary Prizes Still Garners Big Jackpots

People often focus on getting all of the numbers right in any jackpot game for the lottery. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. You could chase the lottery from a variety of different angles, and still end up with a positive push. But what if you wanted to work with something a bit easier?

Did you know that you could win the lottery secondary or even third place prize? That’s right, you could win second or third place and end up with a huge jump. You see, in the games like Megamillions and Powerball, there are often multiple winners. The winners that get the biggest jackpot share are going to get hundreds of millions.

But what about those that only match a few numbers? Those that only match the Powerball and a couple of others? Second and third place prizes are designated to those that don’t get ALL the numbers right, but get a few of them correct.

How much could you garner from this process?

Well, in recent months, a man from California was able to pull $250,000 in a second place prize when playing The Powerball lottery. That’s correct, he did NOT get all of the numbers right, and he got $250,000 for second place! Third place in a recent drawing garnered one lucky lady $50,000! Either way, this is something that you should focus on if you want to win big. A good lotto strategy won’t focus on getting all of the numbers right, but just enough to garner you six figures.

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