You Are Likely To Win If You Choose Your Own Numbers

The Guardian out of the UK released an article recently that talked about whether or not you’d have better odds if you were to pick your own numbers for the lottery. They went to lengths to describe the odds of the lotto and it really wasn’t much of an advice column, as much as it was a longwinded piece that says that chasing the lotto is tough and nearly impossible.

But that’s not true. If you were to pick your own numbers based on a lotto strategy, you could end up with a huge positive push forward. If you are going to make money with the lotto, you need to focus on a strategy that is going to help you garner better odds.

Without focusing on these things, you will not get anywhere, simple as that. In order to garner success, you need to focus on picking a strategy and the sticking to it. That includes choosing your own numbers and pursuing it in a proper fashion.

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